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Contact lenses are a genius invention that can provide a great solution to your visual requirements.  

They can be used from occasional to full time use and are great for sport and socialising. They offer a clear, unobstructed wide view that doesn’t fog or get wet! Modern lens materials provide UV protection and are very comfortable and breathable, so much so that you can even sleep in some of them.

We offer a vast array of contact lenses to suit virtually every prescription; in fact very few people are not suitable for contact lenses these days. If you have not tried contact lenses before we will guide you through the process from an initial discussion, assessment & fitting to coaching on how to handle and care for your newly fitted lenses. Going forward we also provide contact lens aftercare services to ensure that your eyes stay healthy as possible.

We believe in keeping things as simple as possible so we don’t operate a complex direct debit schemes.  You can just buy your lenses on a pay as you go basis, as you need them.

We supply and fit all types of contact lenses, each of which is available in single vision spherical, toric (for the correction of astigmatism) and multi-focal varieties.

Daily lenses
Offer convenience with no cleaning or storing to worry about, simply wear once and throw away. They are perfect for those who want to wear lenses occasionally or desire convenience.

Monthly & 2-weekly lenses
Can be worn on a daily basis, most days of the week. These are removed and cleaned each day and then thrown away when they expire.

Extended wear lenses
These lenses breath so well that you can wear them for a whole month without removing them….. who needs laser! Unlike with the laser process we are able to tweak your lens prescription as your eyes change through the years

Colored lenses
These can change or enhance the color of your eyes.    They are available as a 1-day, or a monthly disposable lens types but not in toric or multifocal.

Gas Permeable lenses
A rigid contact lens may be ideal for your prescription. Although these lenses are not initially as comfortable as soft lenses, they do provide good vision and are durable.